Content Warnings

The following are lists of triggers, kinks & content warnings for those who wish to be aware of what they’re about to read.

If you have questions, concerns, or feel a trigger warning was missed, pleased forward these to [email protected] so they can be added in for future readers.

Captive Writings Series

Ruthless Letters: bullying, sexual dubious consent, explicit sexual content, physical violence, manipulation, humiliation, reference to rape, anal sex, and reference to murder. 

Obsessive Messages: stalking, dubious consent, non-consensual sexual encounters, explicit sexual content, orgasm denial, manipulation, reference to slavery, reference to murder, non-consensual sex (referenced in a memory; not to either main character), and physical violence

Vicious Texts: non-consensual sexual encounters (not done by main characters), non-consensual sex (not done by main characters), explicit sexual content, slavery, reference to murder, depictions of trauma, violence, and psychological manipulation

Burning Notes: non-consensual sex (not done by main characters), non-consensual sexual encounters (not done by main characters), explicit sexual content, depictions of trauma & PTSD, physical abuse, physical violence, blood play, slavery, murder, suicidal ideation, and BDSM.

Fractured Ever Afters Series

The Desire in Deception: murder, kidnapping, blood play, explicit sexual content, non-consensual sex, dubious consent, breeding kink

The Hunt in Elusion: primal play, murder, dubious consent (one scene), orgasm denial, explicit sexual content, manipulation, mention of death, mention of trauma, and physical violence.

The Craving in Slumber: explicit sexual content, mention of cancer, depiction of a child illness, physical violence, drugs, degregation, and orgasm denial

The Beauty in Scars: explicit sexual content, death & parental death, murder, physical violence, depictions of grief, kidnapping (not by main characters), exhibitionism, & voyeurism

The Freedom in Captivity: recollections of physical abuse, death, depictions of trauma, blood play, captivity, emotional abuse, murder, knife play, dubious consent

The Witches' Bind Trilogy

Cure Bound: dubious consent, explicit sexual content, blood play, slavery, kidnapping, physical violence, attempted rape (not from main characters), reference to death, and murder.

Moon Bound: explicit sexual content, kidnapping/being given away, toxic family relationship, and surprise pregnancy.

Union Bound: explicit sexual content, forced marriage, emotional abuse, and a toxic family relationship.

Fate’s Binding is a collection of these three books. Before reading, please review the individual novel’s triggers.

Once again, please forward any clarifying questions or concerns to [email protected]