Cure Bound

The Witches’ Bind Trilogy #1

Harlow Sinclair, descendent from the once-powerful Sinclair coven, lives a human life, despite her ancestors’ spell that makes her both a target and a weapon. Magicless, her power only lies in what her blood hosts—the cure to vampirism.

Most want her for what her blood can do for them and Alexander “Alec” Dormer is no different. For him, the Sinclairs are financial gain and a way to be free from centuries of debts and betrayals. The plan is simple: sell her blood.

What should be easy, becomes more than what Alec signed up for. Guided by an old spell placed on him centuries ago, he finds himself having to destroy fate against the girl proving to be more formidable than he initially thought. When Harlow plays his game and makes her own deal, fate no longer matters. What does is what she is slowly becoming to him.