Vicious Texts

Captive Writings #3


Once, you were my best friend and first love, but then you ran away, hiding in plain sight for years as a sidekick to a villain. We’re no longer on the same side, so the stakes have increased. I know your weaknesses, and I’ll do whatever it takes until I break you.

You push me away, but I’m not going anywhere. You want a reprieve, but the reaper isn’t in the business of gifting such an act. I’ll win this fight, Cherry-Girl, whether you like it or not. After so many years, the despair I felt at losing you manifested into something greater—something darker and more malicious.

Until the circumstances change in ways I hadn’t expected, and I realize whose side you’ve truly been on. This time, I’m not letting you go again.

Viciously yours,

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Dark Romance


New Adult

Friends to Enemies to Lovers


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