Fate's Binding

The Witches’ Bind Trilogy #1-3

CURE BOUND: A Dark Vampire Paranormal Romance
Fate no longer matters when revenge is too delicious.

I vowed to wipe out the entire Sinclair coven after one of theirs took what mattered most to me. She’s all that’s left. Driven by centuries of hate and a long-standing vow, I strike the deal: sell her blood in exchange for her life.

MOON BOUND: A Rejected Mates Shifter Romance
Fate will not win when freedom is the heavy cost.

I needed magic to save my dying father. She gives me more than I bargained for when I realize she’s my future. I won’t let her go, as even if she’s chosen to fight me on this, she belongs with me.

UNION BOUND: An Arranged Marriage Witch Romance
Fate always changes when emotions rule sanity.

I have the magic of many, and with it, a wife I don’t want. But temptation is too compelling, and when one kiss turns into one night and one night turns into multiple, Adalyn is all I come to think about. She’s all I see. All I want. Until fate changes.

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Fated Mates

Vampires, Witches, & Shifters


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